People said “NO” — The Greek referendum

People said NO to austerity. They did not say NO to Europe, they did not say YES to Europe. And if they say YES to Europe is because it means to them progress of the human being in the last centuries. The people cannot see so far, and according to the current political system, they are NOT supposed to be able to fully understand a complex world. They are supposed to be the ones in need of guidance and support. And so they have allowed elected educated representatives, who are supposed to foresee the future and suggest informed decisions. And then be re-elected because their information and suggestions were impressive.
And now you have a dis-literate, mis-educated, brainwashed Eurogroup not being able to understand what people mean by a simple word! NO! OXI! Nein! In their desperation to understand this simple word, they have managed to change the meaning of all the rest of the words in all possible languages. “Progress”, “Democracy”, “Reforms”, “Peace”, “Majority”, “Debt”……the list is endless.

Varoufakis, although not the biggest hero that has existed, quit exactly like a teacher would dismiss a helpless and reluctant class of students thaty they insist that words have another meaning!


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