Political honesty measured by the mass media

With only one sentence you get all your dirtiness inside out!

“Any politician who has managed to maintain an image of such innocence for so long is obviously a canny operator.” — The Telegraph on Jeremy Corbyn (UK Labour party)

So now it is a fact for the forefront of the society (mass media in this case) that if you are a politician or even more you want to be the prime minister, then you are a liar by default, perhaps since you were born. It is much different for this to be said by the ‘common people’. When it is said by the elite, it demonstrates sheer certainty that this is how the world should be. From this we can establish that it is not a matter of vote anymore to choose someone decent, as those that offer themselves as candidates are not and should not be. And therefore if someone is able to demonstrate persistent innocence, then he must be the canniest of all, so canny that he exceeds any expectation. Same happened with Varoufakis. In lack of diplomatic skills, of similar kind of what the Telegraph requires from a politician, his discussions in the Eurogroup were passing as incomprehensible and rude, as breaching the standards of communication between politicians.


The first radical left government in Europe lasted for six months.

After 6 months, the first ever radical left government in Europe is taken down, having consumed most of its time having its hands in front of its face in defence against ruthless Eurogroup punching. The first such government has basically achieved to expose how Europe thinks at the moment, and had no chance to do anything else. This incarnation of Syriza is now announced as defeated by its leader, Tsipras, who will lead the non-radical version if he wins the upcoming elections in September. Back to a modernised PASOK?