Theresa, inhuman?

I find Theresa’s representation as the careless, inhuman PM equally misleading as in presenting Jeremy as incompetent and dangerous. She is not good for the Tories, but that is not my business. It is perhaps a small retribution towards Corbyn’s treatment by the media before the elections. However, what happened in Grenffield is not her personal direct fault.

She is just incapable of masking the consequences of years of inhuman policies. Years of pro-austerity governments have led to damaging policies and a lack of provision which has been putting lives at risk. The fire and death of people at Grenfield have been a possibility, and as such it has occured.

The media postmaturely focussing on her inability to empathise with citizens is driven by the establishment consensus which seeks a way out of hard Brexit or a Corbyn-led government. On the contrary, the Queen’s visit near the Tower represents the continuity between ‘strong and stable’ governments, whether New Labour or liberal Tory, and the fact that the current government may not be one of them. It is the symbolic (and only such) reassurance to the public that things will get to a more human level, only if ‘extreme’, careless politicians go out of the way. As Heidi Allen, the Conservative MP for South Cambridgeshire, described what May is not: “a leader and a party that will carry us through this most turbulent of periods but care about the little man at the same time”.


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