Trump for the Nobel Prize for Literature

I think we should nominate Trump for the Nobel of Literature. I am sure he will like the idea, as a narcissist he is. Obama has got one, albeit for Peace, and Trump really wants to do better than him. The most important reason is that he really deserves it.
What a great novelist does is to accelerate an irreversible kind of realisation of more and more world citizens. And Trump does this really well since the first day, superseding the effect of any existing great novel. Great novels manage to change the perception of the reader, but unfortunately not many people read (and not all the same novel). Trump is a living literary hero, the magical realism of the political figure. And everyone on the planet is ‘reading’ his live story every day since the start of the year!
By the end of his novel, there will be a long-term effect on the collective political memory of the human-kind. The realisation of how politicians have been playing the game of the demagogue, whether deliberately or not. That the politicians cannot save us. With every passing generation the lie has converged with the truth from day one, not after four or eight years or for the duration of a parliament. It no longer ends with a bubble of false promises bursting, and right after long enough time has passed by to believe to a new personality or someone old making a comeback with a promising new beginning.
It now starts with a bubble, because that is what it has been most of the times. An alternative fact, that the political class can bring a good enough consensus between the uncontrolled forces of society. Now there is not enough time to forget. And who can forget such a flawless narrative.
Don’t buy 1984 or Brave New World, as many people post on the social media. Don’t read at all, just watch this masterpiece.